V. Nhatsu

I am a Vietnamese war refugee, who was born in Kuala Lumpur in 1980 and grew up in Nyon in Switzerland. Becoming older, I realized from my first travel to Vietnam, that I was truly a lucky person. What I understood was that not everyone could choose where he or she was born but that everyone could be born with a tremendous potential independently from our origin. I thought it was unfair for many people and I felt that maybe I should find a way to give back to the society by helping those people unable to use their full potential. However time went on…
I graduated from HEC Lausanne with major in Management and Marketing in 2006 and while many of my friends from university went to work for banks or financial institutions, I decided to go to Japan in 2007 to study Japanese with the support of the Swiss-Japanese Chamber of Commerce. Shortly after, I joined Wizcorp, a web technology company in 2008 and a few years later with the support from the President of the company, I founded i-kifu a social venture, which aims to help non-profit organizations in Japan with their fundraising. The development of was started in 2011, after I received an award from NEC Corporation in October 2010 during a social venture business plan competition.
In November 2011, I received the TEAJ Global Entrepreneurship Award, with the support from the American Ambassador in Japan John V. Roos and also had the honor to be selected as a Global Shaper, which linked me to the Young Global Leaders and the World Economic Forum founded by Klaus Schwab in Davos.
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