Qchan Asokejapan

I will go to Tokyo May 1-5 , shanghai 5-8.
send me your phone number, and lets drink.

my flight schedule
1. MU 548 L 30APR BKK PVG HK1 0155 0700 OK
2. MU 523 L 30APR PVG NRT HK1 0910 1250 OK
3. MU 524 M 05MAY NRT PVG HK1 1350 1615 OK
4. MU 547 M 08MAY PVG BKK HK1 2140 #0055 OK

i borrow phone from my friend

it works only in japan

I work for export company in Thailand.

i have 2 french share mate
very big condo, wine seller, coffee machine, roof top balcony, 5 bed 5 bath, etc.... beautiful life!

I will study at Assumption University from June.