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Makoto Matsuura
2-33-505 tanimachi6, Chyuou-ku
Osaka-city 542-0012
Home: 06-6777-8750

“Mini Osaka” draws its inspiration from an event, “Mini Munchen,”
held in Munich, Germany. Only children (i.e. no adults) are allowed to
plan and create their own city in this event.

I have organised “Mini Osaka” since 2007. By now, I have communicated
with approximately 2,000 children and have supported their city planning.

I am highly concerned with the fact that a large number of Japanese
children today spend most of their time in their own houses. Lack of
interpersonal communication outside their home can lead to negative
psychological affects. In fact, a research conducted by OECD shows that as much as 29.8 per cent of Japanese 15 year-old children feel they are isolated; the highest figure among 25 developed countries.

2007 - present kodomobonsai(NPO).
CEO Osaka, Japan
2007 - 2008 Xarts Inc.
Sales Manager, Tokyo, Japan
2005 - 2007 Netmarks Inc.
Sales, Tokyo, Japan
2000 - 2003 Sunsea Inc.
Programer(perl) Osaka, Japan

2005 Osaka city university
B.A. in Sociology Osaka, Japan

My comapny name is Cobon.
Cobon means COmmunity & Business Oriented Network.
For Childlen, We give opportunity to think about Working and Job.

We are planning and providing program that children to working through
play and learn about jobs.
We want children to believe they can change their own world because, in
Japan 0.92
million people is suffered from mental health disease. It’s serious social problem. We have
to tell children that every single person can create the social community and you are the
part of them. This is our vision and purpose.

One of our business, we manage a business called kids town originated
Munich in Germany.
Children elect their mayor and decide the rules like their own law in
kids town.
They can be whatever they want, for example, running a flower shop and restaurant, or
doctor, firemen, police officer, etc.
In kids town, they learn how to earn money and how important money is.
And also they realize that they are part of the community themselves.


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