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【"Japanize!" of the organization】
I've started the organization "Japanize!" in 2012 with my friends.
We are holding monthly events in especially Tokyo and sometimes abroad to inform Japanese Cultural Experiences
like "Sushi Class", "Maid Cafe", and "Zazen(Buddhist Meditation)" with locals & travelers.

I'm making the oraganization more influential, and share & cooperate the activity
with more people having same passions to inform Japanese Culutures & have the cultural exchanges,

And I want to make the organization as amazing & great one for all the visitors who want to have best experiences in Japan.

* Facebook page of "Japanize!"

* Facebook group of "Japanize!"
(The event platform of "Japanize!" where any members can hold their own events with "Japanize!" as the event concept!)

【American Style Event】
As I've stayed in the States to study and love the cultures,
I sometimes organiza the events for American Style Party with great American friends in Tokyo.
I love to try the other country's culturues and have fun with lots of people.

- Jul 2012 American Style BBQ Party:
- Nov 2012 American Style Thanksgiving Party:

【Home-Staying Host in Tokyo】
I let the travelers stay in my place in Tokyo almost every day from 2011.
That's the route of "Japanize!" to inform Japanese Culutures & Fun spots to the visitors,
and also have great fun time with lots of people from different countires.

This Home Staying Host is amazing since I have the experiences for English training
and just fun exchanges time with lots of kinds of people from many countries!

【Software Analyst】
I usually work as a Software Analyst for SAP ERP System to improve the business system of the clients companies.
I believe that I've got pretty much good skills of Business System Consulting & Supports
with the knowledges of Financial & Management Accounting and Distributions & Sales.

I Love travel to lots of places in the world.
I've traveled especially to United States when I was a student, and always traveled on Amtrak of the train.

In 2006, I traveled around the country on Amtrak like this,
LA -> Houston -> New Orleans -> Atlanta -> Washington DC -> Philadelphia -> NY -> Boston -> Maine -> Albany -> Chicago -> Milwaukee -> Seattle -> Sacramento -> SF -> LA

After Exploring much in the states, India, Vietnam, China, Mexico, Canada, etc.
I will also hold the events of "Japanize!" during the trip around the world.
- Feb 2013: Japanize! Event in Taiwan (Sushi Class, Idle Dance Show, and Japanese Food Party!)


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