越 陽二郎

I am a Japanese entrepreneur in Thailand.

<What I do>

I run a Social Recruiting platform "JobTaletns"

<Why I do>


In my youth, I've been passionate in Asia's development.
(NGO work in Thailand, Cambodia, Bangladesh, +more)

In professional career, I worked on development of economic growth of ASEAN countries.
I made many local friends in the region.
I became more serious about doing my BEST for them.

In 2013, I became an entrepreneur under a vision to "Empower ASEAN."
I empower "ASEAN" by empowering "economy."
I empower "economy" by empowering "companies."
I empower "companies" by empowering Human Resource, "people."

I am convinced that this challenge will benefit the lives of people in the nations.


"IT" and "Job" are both rapidly growing fields in ASEAN.
Comparing with Japan, I see concepts and technologies that could evolve the market.
It will grow BIG, and contribute not only to customers but to the team I will work with, providing unique and exciting experience.

<How I do>

It all depends on "who," together with ideas and execution.
Thankfully, I presently have people helping me in funds, strategy, and technology.

However, we have just started, and keep on building the team and gathering funds.
If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact me.