MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference: Sports are serious

This last weekend I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to represent one of my companies, J Plus Corp at the annual Sports Analytics Conference hosted by MIT Sloan in Boston. Everyone knows that the US takes sports the most seriously, but I was blown away when I found out we were talking about 410 BILLION USD/year. That's 38359600000000 yen, too many zeroes O_o to understand. At J plus we digitize sports tools in order to make coaching easy, and are happy to take a bite of this huge pie.
This was my first official business trip to the states and also the first time to pitch to such a large and professional audience. I went in with a mix of jitters and excitement, there was so much to learn and see! It only took a few minutes walking around for me to realize that sports in the states is a totally different world to anywhere else. Every single major sporting company was present, except the Lakers. Seriously, all 29 teams were there, except the Lakers, maybe that's why you suck this year. Student research papers were analyzing the hidden statistics of a game, how Dwight Howard contributes to defense by making the opposing team afraid to shoot closer to the hoop just because he is standing there. I was able to test a ball that detects how long it flies in the air, then tells you whether you benefit more from a high or low arc shot. Lots and lots of new technology to analyse video and optic technology to gather data. I'm a little sad I didn't have much time to explore and listen to the seminars as I had to man the booth.
I was able to discuss our product with representatives of many big names. NBA,NFL,Premier League, MLB, ESPN, Reebok etc... Very happy to hear they all had nothing but positive feedback for what we were doing. Although the companies may not be using our product anytime soon, as individuals they all noted that they coach a sports team of their own on the side, and can't wait to use our services!
I cannot wait till the sports market in Asia catches up to the states, both for personal and business reasons. And when that happens, rest assured we'll be at the forefront of coaching tools. Please check out what we do at
Another note on the power of sports, Dennis Rodman might just become the most valuable ambassador to North Korea with his recent visit. He says he's bros with KJU now and he loves basketball too. It'd be nice to settle everything over the court rather than missiles, but that would probably be a massacre too.
My name is Teddy Lo, and angel investor based out of Hong Kong. Story's is one of my investments as well and we thank you for being part of the community!

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