San Fermin festival in Spain スペインの牛追い祭に行ってきた2015夏の夢

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San Fermin festival in Pamplona, Spain. Every year It takes place on July 6th until 15th, 10 days in a row.

Truthfully, with hotels being pricey and AirBnB places all booked, I had almost given up on the idea of going to this festival that I was always dreaming about.

But on July 11th, I randomly stumbled on a bus line that ran between Pamplona and where I was then (Barcelona) so I jumped onto the tickets then later onto the bus to Pamplona, the town well-known for being the origin of the Bull Running festivity.

Lesson: Sometimes it works out to be persistent. Sometimes.


12th 22:05 - Leaves Bercelona

13rd 04:05 - Arrives in Pamplona

        08:00 ~ all day - Sam Fermin festival

14th 01:45 - Leaves Pamplona

       07:45 - Arrives in Barcelona

       10:00 - Leaves Barcelona for Valencia

I was hoping to go to Valencia directly after Pamplona but there was no bus between Pamplona and Valencia, so I once went back to Barcelona. Besides I had no place in Pamplona to keep my big luggage in during the festival (a friend of mine said it was ok to leave it in her place but it would have been super early in the morning I didn't wanna disturb her and her family) so I used a locker in a station to which I wouldn't have had to go otherwise, called the Barcelona Sants station. One locker there cost 5.2€ per 24 hours (smaller ones 3.6€), so not so bad. Then headed to the Barcelona Nord station where the bus to Valencia came in. 

Barcelona - Pamplona = approx. 25€ (I think)

Pamplona - Barcelona = approx. 21€ (I think)