Useless waste and necessary waste. Function bubble and creation of waste (1)

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The bubble economy or boom is caused by speculation and it is far from the real economy. I think that many people link this bubble economy to an abnormal economic boom around 1990. If the definition of the bubble is stipulated as "a state of abnormally large number of things or services beyond the demand limit by the average consumers", the too many functions equipped with the devices or machines should be in that category. It is a function bubble where the functions of the equipment are installed more than necessary. I think this function bubble has been lasting even after the bubble economy collapse. Of course, manufacturers or sales representatives will argue they are necessary to win in product differentiation and/or in sales competition with other companies.

What is important here is how seriously they think about their products on the consumers side in the future times. It is necessary to decide whether the function of equipment is bubble or not for all of us, manufacturers, distributors and consumers from the viewpoint of the global environment and the formation of a sustainable society. They must not add functions only for mere pursuit of profit only by the manufacturer. By considering all the related people such as manufacturers, sellers, consumers and so on, you can suppress unnecessary function bubbles. It is necessary to aim for easy-to-use product offering at a reasonable price.

As a result, the sale price may temporarily drop, but they will not collapse if they do proper business, trading and selling with properly added. It is globally better and pleased by future generations as well.

My basic idea of business is as follows.

   I do not do the business where the customers cannot accept the products or services with the proper profit.

   I refuse the work or request in which the customers ask discounts without understanding the proper profit.

It is impossible for me as a small business to sell on a large scale with small profits or to do price competition.


Useless waste and necessary waste. Function bubble and creation of waste (2)

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