Useless waste and necessary waste Pollution in the 1960s  Another 3 pollutions out of 4 and CO2 pollution

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5. Soil contamination

From the 1960s to the 1970s, pollution caused by mercury, cadmium, heavy metals such as hexavalent chromium, and chemical substances such as PCBs occurred. They became a major social problem such as the damage to human and animal health and the death of plants. If chemical substances accidentally permeate the soil and are illegally and excessively dumped into the soil, it will exceed the soil's purification capacity. As a result, the various functions of soil are impaired, causing environmental pollution such as groundwater pollution. In 1991, environmental standards related to soil pollution for 10 items such as cadmium were set as the target standards for judging the presence or absence of soil pollution and taking improvement measures for contaminated soil. Furthermore, 15 items including trichlorethylene were added in 1994.

6. Ground subsidence

This is a phenomenon in which the stratum contracts and the ground sinks. This is mainly due to excessive groundwater extraction in soft ground areas such as the Alluvial Plain. As a result of the increased demand for groundwater during the high-growth period, land subsidence occurred frequently in large cities and industrial cities. As a subsidence countermeasure except groundwater sampling regulations, securing alternative water sources, damage restoration projects and disaster countermeasure projects are being conducted. "Ground Subsidence Prevention Measures Guidelines" have been formulated in the Nobi Plains, Chikugo / Saga Plains and the northern Kanto Plains. The reduction target amount of groundwater collection and securing of alternative water sources are specified there.

7. Stench

This is a bad smell hated by everyone. Odor mainly affects sensory effects such as discomfort and affects the living environment. Offensive odors are designated as one of the typical 7 pollutions based on the Basic Environmental Law and are regulated based on the Offensive Odor Control Law. The Offensive Odor Control Law specifies the offensive odor substances (22 substances such as ammonia) that cause the offensive odor. Designation of regulated areas and regulation standards are set to regulate the discharge and leakage of malodorous substances from factories and other workplaces. It obligates businesses that emit offensive odor substances to strictly adhere to regulatory standards. It also stipulates improvement recommendations and improvement orders for businesses that violate these rules.

The above is an overview of the seven pollutions that have been prominent in Japan since the 1960s. Regarding global warming caused by carbon dioxide (carbon dioxide) not mentioned here, former House of Councilors Hirofumi Miyazawa stated in the Asahi Shimbun on August 20, 2000 as "carbon dioxide emission tax".

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Carbon dioxide emissions will affect future generations and future developing countries more than us. Therefore, the developed country of the perpetrators is unlikely to feel guilt.

The United States is symbolic. The United States does nothing despite that their prosperity depending on cheap electricity and heavy consumption of gasoline has been questioned. They even hinder international efforts.

The mainstream of American economic trend, which is now in the center of government, is what is called "bad economics." They run profit-first, they don't answer the questions of social justice, poverty, environmental destruction and they ignore them and stop thinking.

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I think in response to this opinion as follows.

I agree exactly with the US energy consumption attitude. When it comes to matters related to the roots of humanity as a whole other than energy, such as the problem of food including water and the problem of illness, they are repeating monopoly and selfish behaviors not only on substances but also on intellectual property rights. They are intoxicated by the prosperity of their own people only.

After all, the earth is a closed society. Prosperity of one involves the exploitation and sacrifice of the other. The prosperity of America today is nothing but a reflection of the poverty in Africa and South America, the fall of Russia and the turmoil of Asia including China. (Currently China and Russia are on the economic path to prosperity.)

If the title of "Companies exploring the path of coexistence" does not become "America exploring the path of coexistence", coexistence and co-prosperity in the world will be impossible.

If the “History of the Earth” should be spoken after the destruction of the Earth, it would be described that the life of the Earth has been greatly shortened by the self-righteous behavior of the American white society. If it is as it is now.


Useless waste and necessary waste 1.5.3 Code of Conduct for Individuals, Companies and Countries

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