Discoveries and Inventions That Anyone Can Make  2.4.5 Sense of gratitude

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2.4.5 Sense of gratitude

Inventions, discoveries, and abundant creativity come from sense of gratitude. Some people may find this strange. The basics of invention, discovery and abundant creativity depend on a mediocre life, a healthy body and a calm mental state. Thinking in this way, we are grateful to the people, societies, and organizations and the environment that create these situations and conditions. I don't think war and hunger will be the ground or basis for inventions, discoveries, and creativity.

After working for several years at the research institute of a major spinning company, Toyobo Co., Ltd., I left the corporate organization at the age of 29 and became independent as a self-employed person. As of 2005, I 58 years old with my self-employed business career for 30 years.

At the time of leaving the company, I made my life assessment (4 fields of family, hobbies, work, and health) with the hope of "living my life multiple times". As of 2006, I was in my fifth life, and in 2005 I was working hard on the development of energy-saving technology & equipment that started in 1994 and the development of free remote locking technology that utilizes mobile phones that started. Thanks to my "1st-4th life", my family and the people around me, I am very grateful that I have been able to live in a very ‘painful’, enjoyable and human way. I will talk more about my "1st-4th life" later.

It was after I left the company that there are many thankful points for companies and organizations. The limitation of an independent individual lies in that it takes a much longer time to have my work and achievements recognized widely. Also, if you are not careful, there are many anxiety factors in your daily life such as income, insurance, pension, and illness. Organizations and companies excel in these respects, and employees should be grateful for them. When working in organizations, they don't really appreciate it, and neither did I.

Of course, organizations have its drawbacks. Their biggest drawback is that the percentage of people who create jobs and those who work tend to become lower and the aging phenomenon always exists. As a result, work efficiency is reduced and the profits of the entire company are reduced. Organizations and companies that cannot overcome their shortcomings temporarily flee overseas to prolong their lives in search of profits. This is not a solution to the underlying organizational shortcomings.

However, in the Internet age, individuals and individuals, individuals and organizations and groups are actively, dynamically and organically connected in energy-saving style. As a result, many new organizations with active metabolism are born across physical boundaries. I also feel that I have benefited from this new form of organization since 1996. A new organization is the one in which individuals, companies, and organizations have their own creativity and can contribute to each other. In a good sense, it is a non-exclusive organization that constantly repeats dispersal and metabolism. Organizations such as business corporations and limited liability companies are only superficial forms. Good companies and organizations cannot be judged only by the superficial forms of organizations. Rather, these days, there are many cases where they are covered by the surface forms. Then Government has acknowledged this. As a result, they amended the Companies Act to allow them to set up a company for as little as one yen. They have established a limited liability partnership (LLP) system to promote industry-academia-government collaboration.

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Discoveries and Inventions That Anyone Can Make  2.5 Proving by yourself

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