Chapter 3 Ingenuity from Moderate Inferiority and Poverty 3.1.3 Continuation Side business

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It is really a waste to completely abandon the skills, abilities, and experiences that we have acquired in the past. I can't do that. It is important to cherish the old and make use of them in the new. In other words, it is important to continuously apply our core skills, abilities, and knowledge to new ones. Those core skills, abilities and knowledge were also acquired by continuous efforts in the first place. That is why we must continue to cherish them.

In my case, I still think that my core skill is English ability. I am still striving to acquire and maintain the English skills. I also have to keep doing this in the future. I will write about the English skills later in the section of "Effort".

Returning to the topic of continuation, as I mentioned earlier, I have jobs in the mass media. I worked as a radio personality on FM radio since 1996. And I had been producing and hosting programs on local cable TV Since 1999. One of my company mottos is "contribution to the community," and I followed this policy. First, we produced and broadcast two business programs (named Business Network of 1 million people in Bingo and World Stage) in FM Fukuyama, in the neighboring city of Fukuyama, which started its broadcasting August 8, 1996. I continued these for about 3 years. For several months from January 1999, the final stage of my radio broadcast, I was also the director of the preparation room for the opening of Onomichi FM broadcast station. And I was the director general for one year from the opening of Onomichi FM broadcasting in May 2000 when the Shimanami Kaido (Sea way) opened in the same year. During this time as well, I was involved in program production and broadcasting on Onomichi Cable Television (OCTV) from 1998 to 2010. Visiting local manufacturing companies, I produced and broadcast two programs titled "Company Visit" and "Close-up Information". The latter was a media mix show. From April 2002, I produced and broadcast this program of "Close-up Information" with the support and cooperation of the Fukuyama branch of the Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun and Mr. Naoyuki Nishimoto, then branch manager.

In short, I participated in a different field of "media" for the purpose of contributing to the community and continued to do so while changing them in various ways.

Television and radio stations have encountered difficult times because of the recent diversification of advertising media, the decrease in advertising volume (fee) due to the recession and the shift to digitalization. However, if the dissemination and continuation of regional information has certain important implications, all the related parties must seriously consider how to maintain them. Otherwise, the production and broadcasting of the programs will be stopped. I took these media jobs seriously to continue to make a profit by obtaining 3 – 8 CM companies all the time, even though they weren't my own business, but in return for the radio and TV stations that had been indebted for a long time.

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Chapter 3 Ingenuity from Moderate Inferiority and Poverty 3.1.3 Continuation Learn from Nobel Prize Winners

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