What are the skills of choosing and buying showers?

1. The shape. At present, life is becoming more and more urbanized, and more and more people are living in petty bourgeoisie. Using a delightful shower will also change people's moods and bring you different pride and satisfaction. Shower styling will be the first choice for most people.
2. The material. Some showers are made of plastic or cast iron. Plastic material may add a lot of waste, the service life will not be very long. Of course, some hand-held showers use plexiglass ABS and other materials of quality are OK. The shower made of cast iron is extremely easy to rust and its service life is not long enough for pure copper, so it is not recommended to buy it. At present, the best material is a pure copper shower, and most of the excellent ones on the market are made of pure copper.
3, The coating and spool: under normal circumstances, the brighter and more delicate the surface of the shower, the better the technological treatment of the coating; the good quality shower uses imported ceramic spool, which has high hardness and wears resistance and is not easy to drip. The rotary adjustment handle is also very smooth, on the contrary, the feel is poor, this kind of shower is very general, it is recommended not to buy it.
4. The function: the development of the shower has been for many years, with the competition becoming more and more fierce. The function of the shower is more and more high-tech. At present, the use of shower and the way of water outlet are becoming more and more humanized. For example rain shower system, torrent massage, soft water floating, single direct impact, and so on the shower. Not only that, some shower is a combination of these ways together, really achieved a sprinkling of multiple ways of water function, can be said to be very powerful.
5. Water-saving: it is the hope of every customer to save water. Although the amount of water used in a shower may not be much, your shower will be with your family for several years. How much water will flow out of this shower during this time? This will be difficult to predict, so it is recommended that you should consider whether the shower you choose to buy is water-saving when decorating.
There are many brands of the shower and black kitchen faucets, product quality, functional use, brand effect, and so on are the reasons for the large price gap. When you choose and buy, you should choose and buy according to your own demand and price budget. The material of the product determines the service life of the product. When we choose and buy, we should pay more attention to the quality comparison of the product, so that we can buy the product with high performance and price.

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