Useless waste and necessary waste 1.1.3 Safe energy source

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 Currently, major electric energy is obtained by hydraulic power, thermal power, nuclear power, solar heat and so on. Until the 1960s I think that most of the important electricity was by hydroelectric power generation. In Japan, blessed with mountains and water, our lives were electrically supported by safe electrical energy different from the current nuclear power and thermal power generation until the time of the high growth era (1955 - 1973). Hydropower has a dam type, waterway type, pumping type and so on where generators are driven by the power of water and they generate electricity. But there is a sad fact that many mountain villages were sunk under the water at the bottom of the dams for the construction of hydroelectric power generations. It is a shame that the hydroelectric powers built on such precious sacrifice are thought to be just things of the past, and older stuffs and they are not appreciated. I would like them to resurrect its status soon and return to the mainstream of power generation in Japan. Timber was one of the main sources of energy as another source of energy in those days. When we were in elementary school, we drew water and cooked rice using the split lumber on behalf of busy adults in agricultural work.

After that, an energy revolution occurred through the conversion from coal to oil, which are fossil fuels, around 1960 and that led to the era of energy consumption. Japan rapidly went into the era where most people mistakenly believed that mass consumption and disposal accompanying the development of economic society was a richer society.

 Actually the richness obtained from the abundance of things is superficial, temporarily fun and nice, but we get bored easily. It is the same as getting tired if you keep eating the same delicious thing every day. Human beings can use the ability and demonstrate it in the face of a difficult situation, in an unfilled state and with room to devise. Then we can gain human and creative joy and happiness.

 Currently I expect much that the research and introduction of solar power generation and wind power generation technology are progressing as safe new energy. The need for new energy generation is essential to cope with the dangers of nuclear power generation and increasing power demand. On the other hand, our society cannot be said to be further advanced unless researches on power saving and power saving programs are implemented in parallel with power generation.

 What is said to be new energy are roughly divided into (1) solar heat / light energy, (2) natural energy such as wind or tidal power, (3) oil sand, oil shale and synthetic fuels such as coal liquefaction and gasification. In the prospect of long-term energy demand and supply announced in June, 1994, new energy is classified as "new supply form" as follows including secondary energy co-generation etc. They are renewable energy (photovoltaic power generation, wind power generation, solar heat and temperature), recyclable energy (waste generation, waste heat of waste processing etc.), and new forms of conventional energy utilization (co-generation, fuel cell, methanol Coal liquefaction etc. and clean energy car).


Useless waste and necessary waste  1.1.4 Reactions from TV watchers

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