Useless waste and necessary waste.1.2.2 Frequent model changes and improvement rate to a lesser extent

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It is certainly a sales strategy that manufacturers often remodel their products to get consumers' interests and to motivate their purchasing. They are, for example, to change the design and performance of the product, to refresh its appearance without changing the basic part and so on. The frequent model change of cars at a certain period in the past is a good example. However, the manufacturers that noticed the abnormality decreased the number of model changes and some of car manufacturers did not remodel their cars for a long time of 5 to 10 years. Which attitude do you evaluate?

If we consumers think about what is really needed and can hold down impulsive buying a little, we can get out of the breathtaking state where we cannot find the landfill space. If so, we can participate in creating a more comfortable environment using less tax money.

The experts should be aware that the really good products are no bored and simple with fewer model changes, but the sales team may often needs some carrot and stick motivation. I wonder if the frequent model changes with less improvement that are not beneficial to society are made only by less ethical personnel.


Useless waste and necessary waste 1.2.3 Mountain of garbage

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