Useless waste and necessary waste Real and useful things (1)

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It is sad that we humans have the habit of buying extra cheap goods. They seem to want to own things that don't seem to be very useful. It may be because humans can feel quantitative superiority compared to other persons or somehow they feel relieved to have reserves. But I think it is a good aspect that young people today do not stick to the quantity of goods and services than we do. That is a good trend.

Human generations who have experienced material hunger or usual hunger tend to instinctively or defensively avoid the past hungry conditions, which may be somewhat inevitable. However, we should not buy things or services that will become unnecessary eventually or in a short time only because prices are falling due to deflation. We should identify, buy and use really good and useful things.

Changing the subject, I can't judge whether the current deflation is high-yen deflation, demand deflation, asset deflation, debt deflation, or a mixture of these. However, if we behave persistently, seriously, slowly and with less money, we can make a live and our dreams come true.


Useless waste and necessary waste Types of deflation

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