Discoveries and Inventions That Anyone Can Make 2.2 Goodbye to common sense

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次話: Discoveries and Inventions That Anyone Can Make Common sense of sales strategy

There are two uncommon ideas in Setsuden-mushi (a profit-making device by saving stand-by electricity).

One of them is that Setsuden-mushi itself does not consume any power during standby, i.e. even while monitoring incoming calls and/or fax messages. Setsuden-mushi does not consume electricity despite doing the job of monitoring. And during monitoring, Setsuden-mushi turns off the power of the telephone and/or the fax machine to reduce the power consumption of the machine to zero. Accordingly, the sum of the power consumption of Setsuden-mushi and the device becomes zero.

It is not common sense to be able to monitor or work without using any electrical energy. In this regard, at the time of the second hearing of the Energy Conservation Award, I received a question from Mr. Isshiki, a professor emeritus (then) of the University of Tokyo.

Furthermore, another uncommon point of Setsuden-mushi is to reduce standby electricity consumption to zero at once. If the standby electricity consumption amount to be saved is divided into several stages and improved at each stage to make the telephone and/or facsimile machines more attractive than the old products, consumers will be motivated to purchase them many times. It stimulates replacement demand and increases sales volume. This is natural as a sales tactics. This way of thinking and method is a common sense sales method that has been applied to many other products. Therefore, it is generally uncommon to reduce waste to zero at once as Setsuden-mushi (a profit- making device) does.


Discoveries and Inventions That Anyone Can Make Common sense of sales strategy

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