Discoveries and Inventions That Anyone Can Make Who is the common sense for?

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 Judging from the examples I described previously, common sense seems to be for not others but for selfish ourselves and to be often questionable to say that it is widely for the world.

There is common sense of convenience as an example. TV sets are equipped with many conveniences such as a remote switch, a sleep timer, a channel display and others. Most of the functions, except for turning the switch on and off, are the convenience imposed by the manufacturer logic. This comes from paralyzed common sense that the more functions, the better. This is a result of losing the common sense that adding unused or infrequently used functions leads to an environmental burden. It seems to be the common sense of manufacturers and developers that the purpose of adding many functions is not for convenience but for raising prices and differentiating their products.

Manufacturers should always decide whether additional equipment features should be adopted in balance with the environmental load. Furthermore, if the additional function is useful for energy saving and environmental protection, it should be added even as a single function. They should never tie the environmental functions with the price of a product and/or a sales purpose to sell their products more. After all, the way they should take is naturally decided by considering who the common sense is for.

Once we had a time when people, labor environments and the natural environment were sacrificed secondary to improving productivity. Japan in the 1960s became a pollution island. Asbestos used a lot during this period still shows the terrifying identity by causing the death of many workers and their spouses even after many years.

In the 21st century, productivity can no longer be discussed without considering the symbiosis with the environment, energy saving and new energy. Productivity considering environmental and energy issues has become common sense. This common sense is for ourselves and our descendants, and it is ethical common sense that we must not lose.

However, there are still many people who do not feel moral responsibility if the regulation value is below the standard. Also, many people continue to pollute rivers and the sea with the wastewater from their daily lives. They say it is because other people are doing it and it is a small amount. Anyone who flushes domestic effluent into a river without purifying it falls into this category.


Discoveries and Inventions That Anyone Can Make Environmentally friendly production

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