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Anyway it is sometimes good to say goodbye to common sense. No common sense that doesn't bother others are welcome.

Many people find that it is not always easy to do usual things according to common sense. Their idea is also correct in the sense that it is not easy to do daily work and/or routine work efficiently without failure. Of course, we cannot say goodbye to ethical common sense.

However, in the case of aiming for something new or innovative, as it is often necessary to separate itself or the target from the common sense currently practiced, we must say goodbye to common sense. Otherwise we can't start.

Of course, it cannot be expected that all insane efforts and ideas will be successful. It is clear from the examples from the great Nobel Prize winners Koichi Tanaka and Professor Shirakawa that insane ideas and/or theories cannot be thought of even if we try to. They came up with a careful observation of an event that resulted from the failures of the experiments.

Insane is not insane to the outsiders who don’t think it insane. In order to encounter such insane, it is necessary to proactively take on challenges in the fields that we have never experienced other than the specialized fields.

Even in the management of a company, it is a common sense to operate with debt called capital. However, there is no end to the cases in which this common sense causes bankruptcy, disturbs others, and commits sin. It is clear that insane but debt-free management is better for the whole world. It is necessary to say good-bye to the strange common sense that debts are part of the credibility.

The word "venture capital" seems to sound cool when it is written in katakana Japanese or English. However, in the end, this is also debt and others' money. It is destined to have a high probability of being used poorly.

The following is one of the examples once introduced in the newspaper.


When the investment from the venture capital came in, some said, "I can also ride the black painted Celsior with this money.” Then a bankruptcy happened as it should happen.


This is equivalent to not even thinking about investors. Debt is a sin. Even as an investor, they are enthusiastic about money games. And how many of them really want to grow something for society? In that sense, is this an outfoxing the foxes game?

The story may take a leap forward, but politicians and managers who have more than double the amount of their annual divisible income (profit) in the form of debt... I would like them to leave from using other people, running a company and doing politics.

Those who cannot take responsibility for risk ultimately end up inflicting pain and sacrifice on many good taxpayers for no reason. This is truly sinful. Daiei (supermarket store), Sogo (Department store), former member of the House of Councilors Murakami, and the people who have gone bankrupt by using consumer finance are probably included in this group of bad people. There are too many to give examples.

I think there used to be the idea that debt is not something a moral person does. However, over the last few decades, the false belief that “debt is also an asset” has been implemented, and recently, even the trend of beautifying debt has emerged. It is quite strange and wrong.

In the end, we must continue to live seriously. We have to develop good products and good services. It's a matter of course to do.” said my friend in Yokohama, Mycle Watanabe.


Discoveries and Inventions That Anyone Can Make Who is the common sense for?

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