Discoveries and Inventions That Anyone Can Make People not suitable for startups (1)

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 There is no life without failures, but you can recover the failures by reflection and efforts. 

In Japan, it is generally said that once you make a mistake, it is very difficult to restart. It is said that nearly 70% of the unsuccessful people in the United States try to make comeback. The ratio is less than half in Japan. The reason is that in Japan you will lose almost all your property due to failure. It is customary to provide their own house, the minimum property necessary for re-establishment, as a bond. The cold line of sight is added to the damage of failure as well.

In addition to the lost decade in the 1990s, Japan's recession is long and dark as indicated by keywords such as price destruction, deflation, increased unemployment, long-term closure rate bigger than entrepreneurship rate. To that end, both the government and local governments are encouraging to start businesses and calling out for their support. It seems to be a tailwind for the spread of IT and the creation of venture companies. However, the success rate of new businesses is very low, and it is by no means easy. If you fail, you lose almost everything.

In order to achieve success of less than a few percent, and to avoid the risks of business and life, it may be better to start with studying people, goods, money, and information that are not suitable for business startup than calling for it.

Here, instead of listing various support measures and success stories for new businesses, on the contrary, I would like to search for things, goods, money, and information that are not suitable for startups, and to review the present situation of exhilarating new business boom.

First of all, what kind of people are unfit for starting up, and what kind of people should we not make a business relationship? I have the following thoughts.

* People raised in a spoiled manner

* People given what they wanted easily

* People who are not grateful and do not say "thank you"

* People who always think themselves the best

* Those who cannot persuade their partner or who cannot cooperate with them

* Those who did not take sociology in the company or by himself

* Those who cannot report, contact, reply, or make notes

* Those who cannot acquire qualifications or advanced qualifications that can differentiate themselves from others by the age of 40

* Those who cannot and cannot use After Five constructively

* People who cannot use the internet

* People who have no goals or plans for life

* People who show their emotions too much

* People who rely on the company connections they worked for before

* People who rely on hobby connections

* Those who rely on their parents, relatives, or acquaintances even after the age of 30.

* People who are more pretentious beyond their real strength

* People who are careless about liquor, cigarettes and ladies


Discoveries and Inventions That Anyone Can Make Things, money, information not suitable for startup

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