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Next, what kind of things are not suitable for entrepreneurship, and what kind of things should we keep in mind while continuing business?

* Brand-new equipment and/or offices (These should be procured after we see the light of success.)

* Large offices, factories, stores (We should start with 1/2 to 1/3 of the required space.)

* Complete set of office documents such as order forms, envelopes, and stationery (All should be made by ourselves)

* Prime location (The second and third would be sufficient. If we succeed, we can move to the prime location.)

And what is the unfit money to start a business?

* Startup cash from parents and/or relatives (From the beginning of business, we should have a relationship with the bank by ourselves by making refund achievements)

* Debt, subsidy (Having no good business plan leads to debt. Subsidy should be considered to be a drug.)

* Retirement allowance (Retirement allowance is a fund to be used after the age in 60s. Do not use it for starting a business.)

Finally, what is the unsuitable information for entrepreneurship?

* Support information (Do not rely on support from the beginning.)

* Limited narrow information (Get wide and objective information on the Internet.)

* Juicy information (There are many sweet traps.)

* Unearned income information (Income earned without sweating is also a drug.)

There are no natural villains or failures. In each case, the direction is determined by the environment after birth, especially the way they are raised, and the overprotection and excessive spoilage are the triggers. Eventually, the lack of awareness, genius, talent, effort, etc. of the person will make him a bad person or a failed person. In that sense, raising a child as a parent is a difficult task. It is easy to spoil, but not easy for both parents and children to be independent with moderate severity.

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Discoveries and Inventions That Anyone Can Make Human's original pace, sensitivity, rhythm

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