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With the 21st century starting, the IT and semiconductor industries, which were expected to be the driving force of this century, have fallen sharply since the autumn of 2000. The global recession, sluggish global sales, poor price competitiveness, bad debts, the highest unemployment rate and job insecurity are all said to be the responsibility of others and other countries.

However, is it too much to say that all of these rust, karmic backlash and spoilage came from themselves?

The poor global sales are natural because they produced more than necessary under excessive competition ignoring raw material value, technical value, production value and human value, and they sold them unreasonably low-priced.

It is no exaggeration to say that the decline in price competitiveness Japan faced is the result of repeated wage increases beyond necessity because Japan is a resource-poor country with little resources other than human resources. The 20% to 30% wage cuts will be necessary for Japan to regain Japanese price competitiveness in the world. Most small and medium-sized enterprises may have had their wages substantially reduced since the mid-1990s. However, the average winter bonus amount for the 2002 city staff of the city of Onomichi, where I live, was 900,000 yen. This is far from the common sense of ordinary citizens.

A large amount of bad debts is the result of a resourceless country operating its business just like a big baby, relying on the funds (including capital, subsidies, etc.) of others. Borrowers are the worst, but lender financial institutions are also guilty. There are problems with lenders who lend money ignorantly without properly assessing the business content and technical content as well as with borrowers complacently saying that debts are assets. A large amount of bad debts is a natural consequence. After all, no matter how you change the name of money like venture capital, it is other people's money. Those who work on the money of others do not have true success or long-term peace. If you can reflect on the bad things in the 20th century, you can't easily rely on borrowed money.

Regarding the issue of unemployment, it should have been possible for Japan to predict which industry Japan would next face severe unemployment issue. Japan had been aiming for high wages in the global structure during the past energy revolution, textile recession and shipbuilding recession. If you can predict it, you have to prepare for the next step, but having neglected to prepare it became a big problem. It is irrelevant to pass the responsibility on to the government, other countries, and others. If the politicians are incompetent, then at the same time the people are incompetent. Even if the incompetent comrades blame each other, the problem can’t be solved.

I think the true revival of Japan in the future is basically migrating overseas or returning to the primary industry. In other words, we should return to the origin and reflect on it from the beginning, slimming down the spirit and size, and restructuring. The possibility that original technology or technology that can be monopolized by only one country can save this situation is close to zero. Even if a technology far from the human level is born, there is no guarantee that it will contribute to the peace and happiness of humankind. Those who shout loudly as if they could do it are the people who have never actually experienced technological development or manufacturing, or the people who have never been in business. They are the ones who live in an unrealistic fantasy world, and their theory is just a desk theory.

The speed of technological development, overcompetition, and speed of information transmission has greatly exceeded the production pace where nature is involved. The product will be overproduced in a short period of time, for example in a few years. Manufacturing by the technology that human beings can control nearly 100% has upset the human life speed and rhythm. Enjoying a moment of happiness does not bring happiness in the life-long cycle. Playback starts by regaining the human's original pace, sensitivity, and rhythm.

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Discoveries and Inventions That Anyone Can Make  2.3 Not imitate others (1)

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