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It is true that the attitude of imitating people, catching up with the other people, and pushing toward a towering goal were the driving forces behind Japan's great breakthrough in the postwar period. I think it should be evaluated positively. However, the times always change and the same ideas and methods do not always work. If we need to change them, I think we should be flexible enough to change them. We should not hesitate to make changes or reforms. First, we could try whatever it may be. There is always opposition from the people on the establishment side, vested interest holders and elderly people because it is easier not to change, but young people who have to live for a long time from now on must take the initiative in those changes.

From now on, the young people have to set their own goals from a blank slate and set the direction and height. They have no goals to imitate the others. To that end, education and human resource development are the basics.

It's easy to ruin people, society, and countries. If it is a person, you could only rot him or her thoroughly. In the case of a society or a country, if information is manipulated and/or cut off, and uniform dictatorship education is provided, the country will follow the path of collapse. This has been proven in history and now in North Korea and several other countries.

On the contrary, it is well known that a method of raising children with moderate praise, without spoiling, is effective in raising them as well as business people. That is also the case with pet animals.

It is necessary to establish the education system that can create the qualities of having their own ideas, presenting them in public, discussing them with other people, and putting them into practice. They should not have an inflexible uniform, a side-by-side lining and they do not have to worry about other people's behavior patterns. It is necessary to reflect on the too much knowledge-packing principle, academic supremacy, school brandism, large corporateism, ideas of technology/research work being inferior to management we had in the past. There is a need for education that does not deny the ideas of individuals and that recognizes a variety of unique values ​​that do not imitate others. It is necessary to carry out these educations in balance with each other's cooperation. I think this education will lead to the formation of a new society.

On the other hand, after the bubble era, the exit for re-establishment was still invisible, and the employment situation remained at its lowest for a long time in the post-war era. Exploitation from developing countries has been carried out under the unknown concept of globalization and selfish survival measures of companies in the form of restructuring and overseas expansion. As a result, the economy became deflated. The business closure rate has continued to surpass the entrepreneurship rate.

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Discoveries and Inventions That Anyone Can Make  2.3.2 How the public subsidy should be

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