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Regarding the Skills Olympics, Mr. Seiichi Inoue stated the following in December 1997.


The other day, NHK TV broadcasted the Skills Olympics held in Europe this year under the title of "Challenge to 1/1000 mm". In the past, this competition was the unchallenged position for Japanese people. Today, it has become the position for Korea and Taiwan, and this time they won 10 gold medals each. Recent trends are the resurgence of Europeans and the rise of Switzerland, Germany Australia. For comparison, Japan Team ended up with only two gold medals this time.




The industrial production that has supported Japan's prosperity has been supported by many unknown technicians. The production drawings drawn by the designers have been realized by their experience and wisdom. But how much has society and companies evaluated their contributions? Their current appearance clearly shows that. Gold medalists twenty years ago are now sitting at their desks as clerical workers, touching unfamiliar keyboards. The company says it doesn't need the old medalists now. It says that they are unnecessary as staffs for pursuing profits today. But does it say that they will not be necessary for the future? Why can't even a small number of selected people be used as staffs for technology succession? That is for tomorrow, the day after tomorrow. Only in a dire situation where there is an idea but it cannot be realized, it will realize the value of the technicians’ existence. What a short-term view the company can have! We are about to disappear from the stage of history, leaving no trace of the glory of the last three decades.


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Discoveries and Inventions That Anyone Can Make  2.3.5 Ideas

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