Discoveries and Inventions That Anyone Can Make  2.4.3 Being humble (1)

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Is the ability to invent and discover something and/or the abundant creativity a natural talent? Or is it something that you can acquire if you make an effort? I think perhaps they depend largely on our effort and effort making. As I mentioned earlier, it is sometimes necessary to deny things or ideas, but it is also needed to have a humble way of thinking and attitude.

Those who think they know everything, those who look down on others, those who have excess money, those who do not evaluate the process of effort, etc. may lack the ability to invent and discover something and/or abundant creativity.

For example, there may be few discoveries that can only be experienced locally if we make a vainglorious show of a strong yen, Japanese technologies, their illustrious careers, and the size of the companies even when going abroad.

In March 2001, I had the opportunity to participate in the Philippine Investment Environment Survey mission sponsored by JETRO and took off from Kansai Airport. A total of 56 members participated in the three groups related to IT, automobile parts, and electronics and electricity. Most of the participants were small business owners, with the exception of a few large corporate workers.

The reasons why this mission was carried out were as follows. Large Japanese companies had already expanded into the Philippines, but there were few of the skirt industries responsible for subcontracting. Therefore, JETRO dispatched a mission in response to the request of the Philippine government to promote the development of the latter. If any of the participants had joined the mission just because they were requested or asked to, I must say that they lacked humility.

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