Discoveries and Inventions That Anyone Can Make What are the head and limbs for? (1)

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I described that it is necessary to prove by yourself and make sales efforts in order to make inventions, discoveries, and rich ideas into your own property and work. It means that you have to use your limbs, not just your head, at work. Of course, in order to embody inventions, discoveries, and rich ideas as prototypes, it is necessary to make things by hand. It is necessary to patiently publicize the resulting prototype and carry them around using your feet in order to gain understanding.

I would like to introduce the following ideas of mine about the work using the body including the head and limbs.

1) Work is not given, but created.

In companies, it may be a common sense that new employees are given jobs by their boss and gain experience while doing the jobs. However, it is also a good idea for the new employees to start finding jobs by themselves without their bosses giving them jobs unilaterally. In the long run, I think the latter will benefit companies, bosses and employees. You can also develop the basic power of ingenuity and discovery of inventions. What do you think about this idea?

2) Work should be open and cooperated with each other.

The idea of ​​enclosing all work within one company or selling all products within one company was effective in an era of high economic growth, or in an era when technologies and services were not very sophisticated or fragmented. However, nowadays, the department store-typed management having and handling everything is inefficient and not the best in terms of quality either. I think it is effective to share the good points of each other and cooperate in the form of give and take and outsourcing. For the product called Setsuden-mushi (a profit-making device) that we are currently handling, the division of labor was divided into me for development, company A for prototype improvement, company S for production, and company T for sales. Of course, this form of cooperative work does not necessarily mean inhuman division of labor or simple labor.

3) Work does not last forever and it should be done with a fixed deadline.

We have the illusion that the work is going well and that if there is no worry in quanlity, the work will last forever. And we hope it will continue forever. However, I think it is better to set a deadline to work with a good sense of tension. Because, after the years you set yourself, you have to start something new, and you have to prepare and study for it. This work-making method is much stricter for ourselves. Therefore, there is a feeling of tension in the work. You can't waste your time preparing for your next job.

There are many cases where cross-industry exchange meetings and various consultation committees continue for a long time without setting a deadline even with some complains. These should be terminated in 3 or 5 years, and if you wish to continue them, you should welcome new members and replace the old ones. Organizations will be inefficient if they do not take steps to prevent them from becoming rut.

4) Not one job, but multiple jobs at the same time.

Doing the same job for decades, becoming an expert and being respected is a very good way of life. Followings are what I mean by doing multiple jobs at the same time. Humans are not patient enough to do one or a few simple tasks for a long time. It is more fun to combine different types of work that are not related to each other if possible, and you can have a meaningful way of life with less mental stress. However, it is out of the question that they are so far apart that they interfere with each work badly.

I have been engaged in technical translation / interpretation work, overseas business planning support, development and sales of power saving devices called Setsuden-mushi (a profit-making device), and real estate leasing business. These can be used mutually in their respective fields. Due to the different fields of work, one job can have a relaxing effect on another. Of course, I think that there are many small and medium-sized enterprises that have experienced the same thing. It's easy to understand for a highly subdivided, over-specialized office worker in a large company to feel a great deal of stress at work. It may be difficult for them to create a form of relieving stress by other work.

The other three points will be described next time.

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Discoveries and Inventions That Anyone Can Make What are the head and limbs for? (2)

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