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5) Work is not forever to be continued, but something to be thrown away.

Regardless of the business scale, it is desirable to have three or more fields and types of work in order to achieve stable management. Even if one of the businesses does not perform well, you can continue to operate your company in the other two fields. It is unlikely that all of your business areas will fail at the same time. However, it is not always true that the more, the better. Depending on the ability of the companies and the individuals, it is important to cut off the areas that are the least profitable and the least suitable when new business fields are added. This is different from the concept of selection and concentration, but in order to respond to or cope with the changes in the world, you sometimes must change the content and field of work. Just adding new jobs will reduce the efficiency of other jobs. Adjustments in the type and number of jobs are always necessary for individuals or companies. Companies that can't make this adjustment become too bloated, out of date, and lose profits due to increased indirect costs and they finally are forced to leave the business stage. Looking at the ups and downs of many postwar industries, it is clear that it is difficult for only the same companies to stay in the spotlight on the same stage all the time. Some companies also should be replaced appropriately by others.

6) Development priorities are content and sociality, not price.

During the bubble era, the ultra-luxury cars in billions of dollars were developed in competition. These were not developed from the perspective of the general public. Also the development was not environmentally friendly for society as a whole, either, it ended up being a non-fruit-bearing flower. That is a natural ending. In the development of goods and services, we cannot work from a perspective far from the actual feeling of life. How many cars with 5km / liter fuel economy can be sold just because they have enough horsepower and speed? The reason why copiers and fax machines with standby electricity consumption of 80% and 90% are sold is because the information disclosure of the actual amount of standby electricity consumption is not enough. The reason is the selfish interpretation that energy will not be exhausted while we are alive. It is selfish to own cars as many as the number of family members even if it is convenient. As many as 75% of people on the planet face starvation without food in the refrigerator. Wasting and/or leaving food stems from human selfishness, lack of basic information, and lack of education. It's the same that Americans use too much energy, eat as much food as they want, suffering from obesity.

Looking at things like this, there are countless themes waiting for development that prioritizes sociality and content. Since we are born in this world, we should make an effort to leave developments and actions that are useful to society.

7) Development, production and distribution are on an equal footing.

The developed goods and services should be used as widely as possible in the lives for as many people as possible. They should be used to improve the environment and maintain good health. To do so, the inequality among the current development, production and distribution system must be improved. Of course, there are many problems such as finance and politics as well. Having developed a concrete environmental product called Setsuden-mushi (a profit-making device), I would like to see that the greater power of the current distribution industry over developers and producers will be improved to be equal. The distribution industry has unequal and the arrogant thinking over developers and producers just like them to be insects. Of course, a balance in a big sense will be created after a certain period of time, I hope. The recent bankruptcy in large supermarkets and department stores, the selection, and the downfall of the distribution industry is due to their previous domineering. Developers, producers and distributors must work together on an equal footing to contribute to the lives of global citizens. There is no bright prospect for distributors who look down on developers and producers.

Unequal relationships can be seen in large companies making huge profits from restructuring, in the companies surviving at the expense of subcontracted SMEs, and in financial companies that are still trying to maintain high wages. The rise and fall can be often seen in the world. We should live a clean life.

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Discoveries and Inventions That Anyone Can Make  2.5.3 Cross-industry exchange

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