Discoveries and Inventions That Anyone Can Make  2.5.3 Cross-industry exchange

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2.5.3 Cross-industry exchange

Cross-industry exchange is also one of the stages where you can prove your ideas. Members with different backgrounds, technologies and skills can work on starting concrete manufacturing and/or services through discussions.

As one of the panelists, I participated in the panel discussion at Yamaguchi Convention of the Chugoku Block Technology and Market Exchange Plaza held in Yamaguchi City, Yamaguchi Prefecture on October 27, 2000. The title of the panel discussion was "The Reality and Challenges of Venture Creation (Fifth Subcommittee) -Can Cross-Industry Exchange Foster Ventures?"

The members of the panel discussion were as follows.

Coordinator: Professor Sadao Fujiwara, Yamaguchi University

Panelists: Mr. Tadashi Shiba (Councilor, Corporate Support Department, SME Center,

Kanagawa Prefecture),

Mr. Toyoyuki Okamoto (President of Toyo System Plant, Yamaguchi Prefecture)

Mr. Karl T. Kamamoto (KEC / OFFICE KTK, Hiroshima Prefecture)

The panelists had 10 minutes of presentations for each and 50 minutes of discussion time.

The following was my remark.

1. Purpose of cross-industry exchange: In the case of our group, it is both the development of new technologies, products and business models and the exchange of information.

2. Venture business creation and development:

1) It is necessary to work on what is creative and original and the things others can’t do even if they are insane. Our group has developed spiral grip bars. (One company in the group is responsible for all of this product and continuously produces and sells it. The other members only cooperated to express their opinions during the development stage.)

2) Careful observation, new ideas and demonstrations are required. In my case, I did all of these alone, but this series of work led to the development of Setsuden-mushi (a profit-making device).

3) A strong leader is needed. Individuals should be prioritized in cross-industry exchange activities. Majority voting, aggregation of majority ideas, and their averaging are not familiar to the creation of venture businesses.

4) In cross-industry exchange, it is effective for the members to be enrolled in other groups and to have many other contacts with other people from different fields. Creating a venture business by all members with their strong individualities is not easy. It is one of the methods of cross-industry exchange that the group itself devotes itself to the side support of individual members. Those who join only expecting to get something from the group, and/or those who are willing to do their own business with group members cannot be enrolled in cross-industry exchange groups for a long time.

5) Whether it is an individual or a cross-industry exchange group, it takes a long preparation period to start a business. There is a shortage of funds and PR, so it is important to make good use of the media. Even if a venture business is created, it often does not have a sales channel for products and services. From the early days of venture business creation, we should actively disseminate information to the media and focus on developing our own sales channels.

6) The order of elements required to create a venture business is people> goods> money. And you should create various human networks before starting a business. This also takes time.

7) It takes time and energy to create a venture business. However, there is no guarantee that the business will be profitable. Moreover, since members have their own daily life, it is also necessary to earn "tomorrow's bread fee" with their own systems and qualifications that can earn daily money. Members should not sacrifice their families. Moreover, it is out of the question to spend your retirement allowance on the creation of a venture business.

8) Considering the age of internationalization and the age of the Internet, English ability is also required to create a venture business. No matter how small a venture starts, it is necessary to exchange information with overseas and disseminate information overseas.

  The above is the main point of my remarks, but I think there may be some pros and cons. In short, it is important to go ahead strongly believing in what you think.

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Chapter 3 Ingenuity from Moderate Inferiority and Poverty

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