Chapter 3 Ingenuity from Moderate Inferiority and Poverty Autonomy and self-reliance (2)

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No other animal loses its self-reliance as much as humans as civilization evolves. Now, I will describe the social changes in this respect I have experienced in my life.

1) High economic growth and stability → Zero or minus growth and large unemployment

It was Japan's high-growth era from 1955 to 1973. The late Hayato Ikeda, who became the 38th Prime Minister of Japan in July 1960, advocated the theory of income doubling. Japan then entered the bubble era and in 1990 the bubble economy collapsed. Since then, Japan has been experiencing a long restructuring recession and a negative growth deflationary era. This series of changes in the times can be said to be a Japanese frenzy.

Did our forerunners who said that life has its ups and downs foresee the 20th to 21st centuries? Or is this change a providence of nature? I think it is the latter. It is unfair for the same person, company, or country to enjoy prosperity forever, so they should be replaced. The role of the locomotive should be changed one after another in turns. Japan should take the facts of the past as facts, reflect on them, demote themselves from the locomotive role to the assistant role and take a break.

There is also concern that self-reliance will be delayed in such a recession. However, under adverse conditions due to retreat, human beings may return to get independence, life extension, and strength by biological instinct. I expect it. Retreat is not always bad. There are a few things I would like to keep in mind in the ongoing recession from now on as follows.

2) Almighty → Core Mighty

There are not many people who can do everything like Superman. There must be few. Most people who think they can do everything are overconfident and conceited. In the society in the 21st century, human values, abilities, technologies and core mighty (core abilities) are emphasized and important. Various things and services will be developed by the combination of them. It can be said that a society not the same as others is a 21st century type society.

We can consciously acquire this core mighty from the early stages of life, for example, in our twenties. However, the abilities required by society change with the times. Therefore, by the age of 50, it will be established in the long term and naturally through each person's career and experience. On the contrary, it is sad if we cannot acquire or find the ability to become the backbone of life.

In my case, it is English skills with some other practical knowledge. Cram school I started in my 30s, technical translation or interpreter’s work in my mid-30s, international business planning support in my 40s, power saving technology & device development in the mid-40s, remote locking technology development I started at my age of 57, my English skills have supported all of them as a backbone of my career. English proficiency does not seem to be related to the development of power saving devices and remote locking technology, but English skills are indispensable for advertising, technology introduction, and technology introduction overseas. English has been very useful and necessary for all the genres of work I have engaged in.

3) Leaning within the group / Absence of responsible person → Loose network / Clarification of self-responsibility

Looking at recent corporate movements, they are leaning against each other in the name of mergers and alliances. I can understand their desire to prolong their lives because Companies have their life. However, since all the living things will die in the end, I think it is better to bury those companies after their completing the mission rather than wandering around. Leaning, not taking responsibility, and cheating is not allowed for individuals, but for some reason they are OK for large corporations, groups, political parties and so on.

When forming a partnership, it is important for each to respect each other's independence and to form a loose network, where each company or organization needs a responsible person. That is more effective as a business. If the alliance is not effective, the participating companies have to take responsibility and leave. Current mergers and alliances are a way to reduce employees and it is a way of avoiding liability. In a smaller market, they are prolonging their lives by licking each other's wounds such as weakened competitiveness. As company managers, they should take responsibility as high-ranking salary earners and should get off the stage. It's just unsightly not to know when to give up.

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Chapter 3 Ingenuity from Moderate Inferiority and Poverty Autonomy and self-reliance (3)

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