Chapter 4  Birth of Setsuden-mushi (a profitmaking device) The first one hour of the two hours from 4:00 am (1)

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次話: Chapter 4  Birth of Setsuden-mushi (a profitmaking device) One hour in the latter half of the two hours from 4:00 am (2)

Setsuden-mushi (a profitmaking device) was born in the early morning of June 29, 1994 at the office of a small limited company run by myself in Onomichi City, Hiroshima Prefecture. Below is a list of the history of this Setsuden-mushi from its birth to the present. You could see this first if you would like to.!Ai_aaa4f_vZzry97hG5hmjiohtaM (in Japanese)

Https://!Ai_aaa4f_vZzrzXnGUAKEPp3KyG9?e=DceO4C (in English)


4.1 Water famine, a hot weather in 1994

Due to the abnormally little rain in June during the rainy season, there were many hot days from June in 1994, which was rare even in Onomichi City, Hiroshima Prefecture, where I have been living. The city publicity vehicles had repeatedly called on citizens to save water. The first one hour of the two hours from 4:00 am (1)

As mentioned above, Setsuden-mushi (a profitmaking device) was born (made) in the small office of mine in the early morning of June 29, 1994, just before the hot summer due to water shortage. (Note: During the 1 year and 8 months from its birth in June 1994 to February 1996, the name of Setsuden-mushi was SOD, an abbreviation of Switch on Demand.)

On the morning of June 29, around 4 am, when the eastern sky began to brighten, I woke up earlier than usual due to the peculiar sleeplessness in the rainy season. I was lying on the bed, being a little unconscious for a while, but the external telephone bell that I received for free from the NTT Onomichi branch a few days before that day came up to me.

This external telephone bells were one of the products that NTT had already collected from their customers and were subject to disposal. When I asked at the NTT counter if I could buy it, they told me that they were out of stock. However, a few hours later, an NTT employee politely contacted me by phone, telling me they found one in the office. And I got it for free.

For some time before that, I had imposed myself to make zero the wasteful standby electricity consumption of fax machines as one of my technical themes. And I was trying to find a solution by improving this external telephone bell.

I couldn't stand the fact that even during the hot and humid rainy season, office fax machines were consuming standby electricity uselessly and made the room warm 24 hours a day. (That means the faxes in those days used a lot of standby electricity.)

My basic idea was that faxes should use electricity only when sending and receiving messages, which is their purpose. That means that power consumption other than when sending and receiving is nothing but waste.

I thought I had to solve this problem of wasted energy consumption and unnecessary heating effect due to this standby electricity consumption as soon as possible. Then I changed clothes quickly and left home to my office to work on the development experiment. The morning air was pleasant for this time of year, and I hurried on the sidewalk along National Highway 184, arriving at the office in about 10 minutes.

As soon as I arrived at the office, I picked up the external telephone bell that was about to be scrapped by NTT. At first I removed the outer box with a screwdriver. And I connected this exposed (uncovered) external bell to the phone line I normally used for my phone. I made phone calls from the other line that had the fax always connected to and I started with observing how the external bell physically moved.

The time was a little past 4 am, so it was unlikely that customers would call my office. I turned the phone number over and over again and observed how it worked when the bell rang. Then, I used the thin copper wire I had prepared to connect the parts of the external bell, and/or put them back. I carefully continued to observe the movement changes such as how the bell rang for another 30 minutes.

The experiment purposes of motion observation on this external bell were

   Finding a physical movement that allows the bell to "turn on" the power when a call comes in,

  Finding a physical movement that allows the bell to "turn on the power" when making a call.

  Finding out the conditions that this physical movement is "kept on during a call (during the line is used).

It was around 5 am that I reached the final goal of the experiment, finding the effective physical movement after calling and hanging dozens of times. About an hour passed since I started the experiment and the outside was completely bright.

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Chapter 4  Birth of Setsuden-mushi (a profitmaking device) One hour in the latter half of the two hours from 4:00 am (2)

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