決 断 (日刊工業新聞社編、1999年出版) 4. 翻訳商売が節電虫を生む Translation business gives birth to Setsuden-mushi.

前話: 決 断 (日刊工業新聞社編、1999年出版) 3.”英語好き″が高じて脱サラ
次話: 決 断 (日刊工業新聞社編、1999年出版) 5. 10年は節電虫にかける We will spend 10 years on Setsuden-mushi.





 However, President Kamamoto's field did not end there. In a strange turn of events, he became the developer of Setsuden-mushi, a hit product that saves electricity consumed by fax machines. How did it come to be connected with English, a language that never seemed to have any connection with?

 Faxes are indispensable for the exchange of documents with clients in the translation business, and President Kamamoto had been using them since they cost as much as 500,000 yen each. However, there are only a little time in a day when the fax machine is actually in operation. During the rest of the day, when they are on standby, electricity is being wasted. "This is a waste of energy. It also raises the room temperature. Can't we somehow make a device that turns off the electricity during the standby time?” One day, such an idea suddenly came to him. He is an engineer at heart, and this sparked his passion. As he immersed himself in the trial production of the device, he finally completed it on his own in 1994. When a call signal is sent or received from a telephone line to a fax machine, the current in the line changes slightly. This is what President Kamamoto focused his attention. The Setsuden-mushi has a built-in sensor that detects this current change. The Setsuden-mushi is connected between the line and the fax machine, and automatically switches on when it detects the current change, and switches off five minutes later, thereby cutting standby power consumption by 100%. As a result of the test, he was able to save 3,000 yen a year on the electricity bill for one fax machine.

"President Kamamoto's intuition told him, "This is a good idea. But the people around him were against him saying, "It's impossible for an amateur to sell something. it costs a lot of money. it's impossible for an amateur to sell something new, and it is not good to be messing with anything new any more.” As expected, the product did not sell at all at first.

 "I want to try Setsuden-mushi," one customer said. In 1994, Mr. Kamamoto opened an Internet home page (homepage), which had an unexpected effect. He said, "If you save electricity, you can save money. In particular, the phrase "saving electricity will reduce the amount of carbon dioxide generated by power plants" caught the attention of large corporations and local governments that were beginning to be sensitive to environmental measures. In addition, he searched for potential customers that had set up websites and sent direct mails to them. This led to a virtuous cycle of users introducing new users, and 800 units were sold in that year alone. He learned that even if we don't have the sales power, we can sell products that anticipate the needs of the times as long as we have the right opportunity.


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決 断 (日刊工業新聞社編、1999年出版) 5. 10年は節電虫にかける We will spend 10 years on Setsuden-mushi.

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