徒然なるままに (4) 私の仕事の仕方 / Writings with idle ramblings (4) My Way of Working

前話: 徒然なるままに (3) 自律性と自立性 / Writings with idle ramblings(3)Autonomy and Self-Reliance
次話: 徒然なるままに (5) 製造業起業の困難性/ Writings with idle ramblings (5) Difficulties in Starting Manufacturing Business
















当社では、あえて、ディスカウントした料金体系は作りませんし、適用もしません。あくまでゴーイング マイ ウェイを貫いています。





This is a story from the past, from March 2000.
I was busy working on a large volume translation job (approximately 500 pages, equivalent to four months' work) for a major company, M Denki Co. The reasons why the request came to me were as follows.

Reason No. 1: This M company had been engaged in the printer business with an American company, and for several reasons, the business relationship was about to crack, and they asked me to write a business letter with a Japanese "tears" in it (a kind of sympathy request, an unusual request). I managed to write the letter with my limited knowledge and vocabulary, and to my surprise, the business letter was successful in restoring the business relationship.

Reason #2: Company M, at that time, hired another translation company to translate the same amount of work as in this case. (They said we were overpriced, but I didn't think so.) The translation company did a so-called computer translation and delivered the translation without post-editing and corrections, which meant that the company had to spend a lot of time and energy to correct the translation. (The translation company was, understandably, banned from doing business with us because of this.)

This company caused a lot of trouble and damage to its customers by having its computers work beyond the limits of their capabilities and reliability, and shipping without making any corrections.
This was in the 1990s.)

We also used computers daily for dictionaries, storage, word processing, Internet, etc., and they were indispensable to us. However, at that time, we were too afraid to let them do the translation work. (Although, if I had had the time to invest 100 million yen in hardware and software, I might have let them do the translating.)

In other words, in the 1990s, we used to have a human translator work steadily on translating even hundreds of pages, while the ordinary computer played a minor role in word-processing, dictionaries, and storage. (This also caused me to have a fear of stiff shoulders and headaches.)

This led to the recognition of the quality of our translations in the 1990s, and Company M was more than willing to accept our terms of delivery and price.

We do not offer a discounted rate structure, nor do we apply it to our work. We are committed to a going-my-way policy.

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徒然なるままに (5) 製造業起業の困難性/ Writings with idle ramblings (5) Difficulties in Starting Manufacturing Business

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