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 When thinking about energy conservation, the standby power consumption cannot be ignored.

   The annual electricity volume consumed by the facsimile and copying machines is 1 million KWh and 58 million KWh, respectively (according to the attached document "Industrial Environment Vision" of the Ministry of International Trade and Industry). Most of this annual power consumption is occupied by the power (standby power consumption) consumed during standby. More specifically, the proportion of standby power consumption is estimated to be 90% for facsimile and 80% for copy machines.

The evolution of information technology (IT) will give us a lot of benefits and at the same time most of the equipment are kept on and it will also lead to the "standby" electricity consumption increase. 

Of course, standby electricity is consumed not only by the information appliances (computers, faxes, photocopiers, printers, etc.) in companies and offices, but also by many home electronics products in houses and offices. Approximately 70% of appliances constantly connected to electrical outlets at home are using subtle power at standby (standby electricity consumption). As a result, the amount of standby electricity consumption at home is said to reach about 10% of total electricity consumption. Since the average monthly electricity bill for one family is around ¥ 8000($80), about 800($8) yen a month for each household, about 9600 yen ($96) per year should be their payment for standby electricity consumption. And the annual standby electricity consumption amount in the households, factories and offices throughout Japan is estimated to be 900 billion yen ($9 billion, estimated) and about 42%, 378 billion yen can be saved.


Energy Conservation Turns into Profit 0.3 Preface (3)

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