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Again, I would like to first consider the meaning of this word in Japanese. According to Kojien (a Japanese dictionary), the meaning of original is described as (1) original and unique (2) original and prototype.

If Setsuden-mushi (a profit-making device) is original, it should be an original product or a prototype product. However, the original product is not always the best product. It may be a one-of-a-kind product or unique one.

If original ideas, original products, original services, and original business models become the best, they will be proof that they are easily accepted by society in terms of business.

How can we become unique or only one as a human being? How can we offer only one product? It doesn't seem easy. I don't think I'm an original person who can think creatively, but in many cases, combining past backgrounds, experiences, and abilities may make them the only ones. In my case as well, if I combine what I have done so far, it seems that there are some aspects as a one-of-a-kind. Readers can think in the same way. After discovering your own originality, you use it to discover unique qualities that can be put to good use in niche fields. And how about making it the first step to survive the difficult times of the 21st century?

Niche means a dent or the right place. A niche strategy is the one that fills the gaps in the market. For example, it is said that the background of the rapid growth of convenience stores was the market needs (gap) that major supermarkets and general retailers could not cover. Convenience stores have the conveniences of location, assortment, and time to meet the gap. More recently, non-commodity services such as courier, cleaning, and DPE have been provided. Such niche strategies become more important as the market matures.

Thinking in this way, a mature market is not an impregnable castle, but a place to create a new niche business depending on the way of thinking.

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Discoveries and Inventions That Anyone Can Make  2.4 Denying (1)

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