Discoveries and Inventions That Anyone Can Make  2.4 Denying (1)

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There seems to be usual practices to think of original ideas. For example, they are to try to deny the current situation, to think about the opposite of the current situation, to try to combine things, to try to add or minus something to or from other things. Please accept the remarks and advice by others, even if they are against your will, without directly denying or blaming them. Just make a note of them, and after some time, act according to your beliefs.

Note writing has several benefits. They are to prevent us from forgetting, to remind us of things, and to put together similar thoughts, not to get annoyed, and so on. Taking notes is very effective in making inventions / discoveries and in developing ingenuity and/or abundant creativity.

Hitting an idea is in the early stage of process. I don't think there are any absolute methods or secrets to the success of the business, service, or product that you have come up with, but I keep the followings in mind.

   To be persistent; This is a strong will to never give up. This may be the only thing that small businesses can keep sustainably. If you stop it, it ends there, and if you are competing, you will lose soon. Of course, there are many cases where giving up is important, so it is important to balance persistence and giving up. Setsuden-mushi (a profit-making device) business has been asked several times by my relatives to discontinue. However, I thought that this theme was indispensable for the earth and humankind in the future. Therefore, in order to sustain this business for a long time, I tried to promote it by suppressing the expense as much as possible. The spirit of challenge, which holds hope without fear of failure, does not give up dreams, and continues trial and error, is the basic driving force for the birth of hit products.

   To be serious; Business is not a gambling. It must not end with a one-hit product or service. I mentioned earlier that there was a person who made out that he could ride the black-painted Celsior (a classy car) when his business was opened to the public. He thought of the business as a gambling and misunderstood that the money from others was the money that he had earned. This was the beginning of a tragedy. This was extremely unscrupulous. The world is not so easy that such a person succeeds.

   To be leisurely; If you hurry, you will fail. If you earn some money in your main business, you don't have to hurry unnecessarily. It is understandable that you want to get your business out to the world quickly, collect funds quickly, and make a profit quickly. However, it is rare for the products by small businesses to make the desired profits. You need to have enough time to enjoy yourself slowly. For that purpose, it is important to have several pillars of business so that daily life is possible.

      Not to use too much money; It is one of the good ways to get along with the medias and provide them information for PR. Small businesses don't have enough money. It should be natural for you to return the borrowed funds with interest. In order to make products and services well known without spending much money, it is necessary to disclose information to the media. Keep in mind strategic movements that allow you to disclose information (for example, apply for an award system and win an award), and use that information as an intermediary to get along with the media. In my case, this was very effective way.

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Discoveries and Inventions That Anyone Can Make  2.4.2 Careful plan and strong will

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