Chapter 3  Ingenuity from Moderate Inferiority and Poverty  3.3.1 Monopoly and suffering

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In order to monopolize inventions, discoveries, technologies and ingenuity, it is necessary to have a system to protect them and the monopolists have to pay much money to maintain them. If the cost required for these is smaller than the profit brought about the monopolized ones, it will be a positive profit in calculation and will be welcomed by corporate management.

However, if the goods, technologies and services are exclusive, the companies that own them will be treated exclusively by others as well. If they are technology patents, cross licenses can be established between/among the companies and the monopoly will be mutually beneficial. What about the corporate profits gained from the monopoly and the overall social loss (including image damage) lost from the monopoly, for example, in the case of manufacturing and selling AIDS drugs? (Currently in the case of COVID-19 since 2020) Will the business legitimacy by monopolizing the technology be widely accepted even in the face of many deadly lives?

It is true that the number of patent applications filed by a company is proportional to the power of the company. On the other hand, there are some companies with many patents that are not directly linked to their work and profits and they are struggling to maintain them. They sometimes have published their patents, promoting their use for a fee. But that doesn't always go well as planned. The reason why not is that they have their patents used not for the benefit of society, but for reducing their expense burden.

In ancient times, there should have been no idea of ​​making anything a right and making it an exclusive property. Nowadays, even drinking water, which is essential for life support, has been acquired by American companies in other countries and made into their business. Is it okay for the company to see the people die under the circumstances that they can't buy water and have to drink poorly sanitized water only?

It is necessary to have a system that manages inventions born from the wisdom and knowledge of humankind as a common property of humankind and treats inventors accordingly. In the 21st century, which advocates the IT era, there should be better ideas, methods and commercial ways that are different from those in the 20th century.

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Chapter 3  Ingenuity from Moderate Inferiority and Poverty  3.3.2 Openness and easiness

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