story about Airguitar

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Hello, everyone!!

my name is

Yuhsuke Yusuki Kozai, from Japan, Osaka.

Facebook Yuhsuke Yusuki Kozai

Twitter @yskoza4946

Instagram rockyusuki

In 2013, I’ve been to Australia as a woking holiday visa.

I was playing aiguitar in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne.

To be honest,

this experience is more than word.

It was really good experience more than making money as a part-time job,

I think.

That’s why

I need to tell my experience to the world.

My story about airguitar is as follows.

In 13, July, 2013

I was in Brsibane, Australia. 

I was just looking for farm job.

but it was so hard to get a job,

and spoiled a few day in hostel.